Super KO Boxing 2 Strategy Guide

Super KO Boxing 2 Strategy Guideskob2_thumbnail_white

Getting pummeled in the ring?

Here’s a punch-by-punch guide to defeating your opponents!

(WARNING: May contain spoilers.)

Circuit 1:

Curcuit 2:

Circuit 3:


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Happy fighting!

Circuit 1

Big Gip

100px-port_gipGip’s fight is great for practicing your moves and getting used to the game. Practice high punch, low punch, dodging and blocking. Take your time and get a feel for the game.

When you’re ready, punch Gip five times in the face or stomach. Notice the final punch in the five hit combo is accented with a special graphic. This indicates that the combo has ended. Try to keep this in mind for future fights. Back to top

El Bulli

100px-port_matadorObserve El Bulli for a few moments and he will take a swing. Dodge or block his punch and then punch him multiple times. Repeat until he goes down.

Tip: You can get some cheap shots in on El Bulli at the start of the match, but he will start to block your punches after a few hits. Back to top


100px-port_dynamoDynamo will start by throwing some wild punches. Dodge them and counter with a combo.

Continue to punch Dynamo until he dodges. He will follow up with a punch of his own. Dodge to avoid this then combo him again and repeat.

After his first knockdown, Dynamo will throw one super punch. Watch his hand carefully as he charges it up. Dodge to avoid this punch.

After his first super punch, Dynamo will be unable to again. He will attempt to charge but will “fizzle” out. Use the same strategy from before to defeat him. Back to top

Circuit 2

15 Cent

100px-port_15When the fight starts with 15 Cent, wait for his backhand swings, dodge or block them, and counter with a combo. Repeat this to knock him down.

When 15 Cent gets up, he will start to block all counters. In order to hit him, wait for his swing. Dodge then quickly high punch to perform a “hook punch.” Follow this up with a standard combo to knock him down.

After being knocked down twice, 15 Cent will introduce his “Grill Flash”. Watch carefully when 15 Cent crouches and smiles. When this happens, immediately initiate a hook punk on the same side of the screen where 15 is crouching. This is the only way to stop him from stunning KO Kid. Back to top


100px-port_chiefWait for Chief to put his hand in the air. Do not attack but instead get ready to dodge his strong punch. This punch cannot be blocked.

After avoiding Chief’s strong punch, Chief will start a left and right combo attack. Dodge these punches until Chief shows surprised face. This is your cue to start a combo. Repeat to take him down.

After being knocked down once, Chief will block all attacks and retaliate with a counter. Use a “Taunt” to provoke Chief into taking a swing at you. Repeat the same strategy as before.

After his second knockdown, Chief will start to throw random jabs. Block until Chief jabs, then Taunt him and repeat the same strategy as before for the knockdown. Back to top

Voo Dude

100px-port_tribalvoodudeWhen the match starts, punch Voo Dude just once, he will block then throw a punch. Avoid his following combo of punches by dodging.

When Voo Dude starts to dance, perform a combo using low punches, as soon as the combo ends, perform a high punch combo. Repeat for a knockdown.

After his first knockdown Voo Dude will begin to use a curse punch. When he starts to charge his skulls, get ready to dodge as this punch cannot be blocked.

Take note of Voo Dude’s fist as he is charging his curse punch. You must dodge away from the swing of his cursed punch, dodging in the same direction will cause you to be hit, and cursed.

After his second knockdown, Voo Dude will start to throw a strangely timed hop punch into the mix. Watch him carefully, he will first hop, wait a moment, then he will throw the punch. Timing is key here, don’t dodge too soon, avoid this punch then repeat the strategy from the first and second knockdowns. Back to top

Bigger Gip

100px-port_gipWhen fighting Bigger Gip, keep your block up from the start of the match. When Gip crouches in the corner he will blow smoke out of his nose. This is your cue to release your block and dodge out of the way. This super charge punch cannot be blocked. After dodging this punch, combo punch Gip.

Keep your block up at all other times. Bigger Gip will occasionally jab and this move can be blocked and countered.

Be ready for Gip’s super combo which will sweep the screen from right to left and back. This super combo cannot be dodged. Time your blocks well until Gip finishes his combo then combo punch him when he burps. Back to top

Ka-rak Ubones

100px-port_mungoAfter each attack/combo, Ka-rak will be open to a high or low counter combo. If he flexes his muscles, punch him high. If he covers his face, punch him low.

Keep your block up from the start of this match. When Ka-rak runs off the screen, he will drop 3 rocks. Block or dodge each of these. Then follow up with a combo when he returns.

If Ka-rak moves just slightly to one side of the screen and his eyes open wide, be ready for an uppercut. Dodge or block this and counter with a combo.

When you see Ka-rak’s eyebrows move up and down, be ready for an extremely quick swipe attack. Block or dodge this and again counter with a combo.

After the first knockdown, the strategy is mostly the same. One small difference is that if you are hit by a rock, Ka-rak will immediately attack with an un-blockable punch.

After the second knockdown the strategy stays mostly the same, however Ka-rak will not always have an opening after his attacks. Watch carefully for the opening when it does appear. In addition to this, Ka-rak will sometimes drop more than 3 rocks (when his health starts to get low) before appearing back on the screen. Back to top


100px-port_shogunStart blocking right when the match starts. If Shogun jabs then counter with a combo.

When Shogun enters “dark mode” watch his gloves carefully. This part of the fight will require direction specific dodging. Dodge away from the swing of shogun’s punch. Shogun will show his face after a few swings. This is your cue to high punch him in the face.

High punching shogun while his face is showing in dark mode will take him back to “lights on” mode, at which point you can land several hits. Repeat this strategy to take him down. Back to top

Circuit 3

Sake Bomb

100px-port_sakeSake is really tough so he can’t be knocked down unless a super punch is used. Remember to try to save at least one super while fighting him. Use it when Sake has around 10% health remaining or just after he regenerates his life.

Look out for Sake Bomb’s jab so keep your block up. Wait for Sake to start a dash move. If you punch him before he dashes be sure to immediately dodge to the right to avoid his strong counter punch.

When Sake begins to dash, pay careful attention to the speed of his dash. The slower of the two dashes will end in a very quick uppercut. Dodge to avoid this then counter. The faster of the two dashes will end with Sake stopping followed by his hair flashing. When Sake’s hair flashes, punch him in the face to avoid his flurry combo attack. Back to top


100px-port_grogulWhen the match starts watch Grogul carefully: he will perform one of three moves.

Elf Mode:
Move 1: Grogul will raise his hands and follow with a swipe punch. He can be combo’d just as he raises his hands, but watch the timing here, if you are too late, he will block and you will be hit with a counter punch.

Move 2: If Grogul Dodges to the left, he will come back with a two punch combo (his first punch will start with his right hand), dodge or block these, then counter with a combo.

Move 3: Very similar to the 2nd move, but Grogul will first dodge to the right, then start his 4 punch combo with his left hand. Dodge or block the four punches, then counter with a combo of your own.

After Grogul’s health is reduced to zero, he will use a potion to recharge his health. When he returns to the fight, follow the same strategy as before: watch for his tells and counter accordingly.

Ogre Mode:
After Grogul’s health is reduced to zero a second time, he will transform into ogre mode. In this mode he cannot be damaged, but you will notice his health is slowly draining. The goal here is to outlast him.

Ogre Grogul has two very similar combos which must be avoided. You can tell the difference by the number of double fisted punches he throws at the start of the combo.

When the match starts, hold up your block. Grogul will attack first with both gloves. Block this.

Block if Grogul throws another two handed cross punch. Then get ready to dodge left then right to avoid his next two punches, which cannot be blocked.

If Grogul only throws one two handed punch, then hesitates, get read to dodge right then left, to avoid his next two punches, which again cannot be blocked.

Keep this up until Grogul’s health is at 0 at which point Grogul will be stunned. One punch will take him down. Back to top

Dr. Voo Dude

100px-port_tribalvoodudeWhen the match starts, Dr. Voo Dude will hop to the left and swing, then to the right and so on. After he performs this punch combo he will either cover his face or his stomach. When he covers his face hit him in the stomach and vice versa. Repeat this strategy to take him down.

If you miss the opening to attack, Dr. Voo Dude will unleash a flurry of punches. Quickly dodge left and right to avoid these and watch for him to cover his face or stomach again.

After being knocked down once, Dr. Voo Dude will twitch slightly then start another flurry of punches. Dodge and watch for his opening as before.

After being knocked down twice, Dr. Voo Dude will become nearly impenetrable. Only one punch can be landed for each opening so use a super punch every time he’s open. It doesn’t matter whether his hands are up or down when you throw a super punch.

Use your taunt wherever possible. The best strategy is to wait for him to start his hop punch. Taunt then dodge to avoid the punch and repeat. Back to top

King Tub

100px-port_pharoahkingtubKnocking King Tub down can only be accomplished by first getting him dizzy. Because of this it’s key to avoid all his punches and make sure to punch him in the correct fashion.

When the first round starts, watch King Tub’s head piece carefully. When the snake eyes blink get ready to dodge his jab and then follow with low punches. Repeat until he is dizzied. Then follow  the star clues to knock him down.

When King Tub gets back up he may start with a super uppercut combo. His mouth will open briefly. Dodge the first uppercut and wait a moment then dodge the second punch. After dodging, use one high punch followed by low punches.

Tub will begin to jab with left and right combos. Avoid these. Hit him high once followed by low punches until he is dizzied. Follow
the star pattern to knock him down.

After his second knockdown, King Tub will start an alternating left right jab combo. Watch his gloves carefully. When his gloves turn,
dodge to avoid the jabs. After a few of these punches, Tub will walk like an Egyptian. This is your cue to start a combo. Repeat this
process to dizzy him again for the third knockdown.

A few things to keep in mind:

El Diablo

100px-port_matador1Important: Diablo will block all level 1 or level 2 supers. In order to land a hit on El Diablo with a super, you must first build up a full super meter to x3. At this point, hold the super until a white flash appears and immediately release for the hit. If you wait too long after the white flash appears, El Diablo will block this level 3 charged super.

El Diablo has 3 main punches that must be learned.

The first is a long swipe. When you see this large arced punch, dodge and counter punch.

The second punch is a shorter swipe. This short swipe will be followed by 3 more short swipes and end with a pose. When he’s in this pose, notice that his face is unprotected on one side. This is your clue to throw a hook punch and start a combo.

The third punch will start with El Diablo sliding downward. When you see him do this, dodge to avoid his pop up punch. After this punch he will pose so hit him with a hook to his face.

When El Diablo’s life is a little less than 50%, charge up a your Level 3 super by holding down the super button. Notice El Diablo will cower in fear. The super must be unleashed once it is fully charged. Repeat the above strategy to defeat El Diablo.

Things to keep in mind:

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Tha Shogun

100px-port_shogunLight Mode

Start the match by blocking and wait for shogun to throw a punch. He will throw one of two punches while in light mode.

Punch 1: The first punch will be a short jab with no wind up, block the first punch, shogun will then throw two more jabs in quick succesion, dodge these two and counter with a combo.
Punch 2: His second light mode punch will be proceeded by a very small shake of his shoulders and gloves, watch for this move, block the first downward punch, and then quickly dodge in the opposite direction to avoid his second swing punch. Combo punch after this move.

Dark Mode

When shogun shifts to dark mode he will perform one of two combos.

Combo1: Shogun will throw 3 conecutive directional punches, dodge left, then quickly dodge right, and then left again. If this combo is correctly dodged, shogun’s face will appear behind his right glove for a few moments, this is your cue to land a hook punch to break him out of dark mode.

Combo 2: Shogun will start by swinging upward with both fists, dodge this move the quickly dodge to the right to avoid the next punch. Finally quickly dodge to the left. At this point shogun will show his face behind his left glove, again hook punch to break him out of dark mode. Back to top


100px-port_dynamoWatch Dynavolt’s gloves carefully. When they start to fill with electricity get ready to dodge his jab combo. The number of punches he will throw is random. When dynamo has finished punching you will see electricity run through him and distort his face. This is your cue to get in 3 punches. After your punches, immediately taunt.

Repeat the above technique until a super is charged at which point you must land a super punch.

After his first knockdown, Dynavolt will begin to charge up a stronger lightning punch. When you see him start to charge, taunt to charge your super, then dodge away from his lightning punch. Watch his glove carefully to determine which direction he will punch. Other wise the strategy from the beginning of the fight still applies.

After Dynavolt has been knocked down twice he will begin to throw in a random super strong lightning punch. This punch is incredibly fast and must be blocked. It’s best to keep your block up until action is required. Otherwise the same strategy as before still applies.

A few things to keep in mind:


100px-port_executionerWatch Executioner’s gloves for a “glint” of light. This is a clue that he will punch with the opposite glove. Watch carefully for the direction, and dodge accordingly.

When Ex flexes his muscles and laughs, hold your ground (dodging will cause him to punch). Wait a moment then dodge to avoid his double-fisted “guillotine attack.” Counter with a combo.

When Ex’s health is reduced, he will show his spiked gloves. Watch his gloves carefully for the glint of light, but this time the glint will show on the same glove Ex intends to punch with. Dodge accordingly.

After the first knockdown, Ex’s gloves will glint back and forth. This can be very confusing but remember that if Ex’s gloves do not have spikes, then the punch will come from the opposite side of the glint, and vice versa.

After two knockdowns, Ex will begin to randomly use a head crusher move which must be dodged.

Some things to keep in mind:

C.M. 0083

100px-port_c.m. 0083When the fight starts, keep your block up. If CM raises his upper right hand, block his first punch, then dodge right to avoid his second punch, and follow up with a combo of your own.

If CM raises one of his lower fists, watch for the the lights on his wrist to blink, just after they stop, dodge to avoid his punch, then immediately dodge in the opposite direction to perform a Quick Dodge*.
Performing a quick dodge in this situation will confuse CM, and leave him open to a combo.

* A “Quick Dodge” is performed by dodging in one direction, then dodging in the opposite direction while in the middle of the first dodge.

After the first knockdown CM will behave exactly the same with one exception, occasionally all four of CM’s wrist lights will blink, the first time this occurs punch CM in the stomach for an instant knockdown. If the opportunity for the one hit knockdown is missed, get ready to dodge back and forth to attempt to avoid CM’s barrage of counter punches.

After the second knockdown, Alien will continue to perform all of the above moves, but will introduce a new Laser Beam move. When CM teleports watch him carefully, when he finally stops teleporting, notice he will stop on either the left or right side of the screen. wait just a moment, then dodge towards CM to avoid his Laser blast. Back to top

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